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LED Flood Lights


ALT’s Lodestar floodlight series is one of the brightest available LED lights in the world, ready to light up your display, external walls, harbors and sporting fields to name a few.

About ALT’s Outdoor Lights

ALT’s Outdoor Lights product line includes street lights, wall wash lights, and different kinds of scene lighting. As the world is trending towards smarter power usage, ALT is the first company to create outdoor lights with both the integrity and technology to survive harsh conditions. Our lights meet with currently accepted worldwide accredidations.

Five Major Advantages to ALT’s Outdoor Series

  1. Complete Safety Certifcations: UL, CUL, ETL, TUV, CE, FCC and CNS 15233
  2. System Stability: Unique outdoor heat dissipation design built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  3. Tough Enviroment Operation: Passes several high and low temperature tests, along with wind, rain, and snow tests.
  4. High Availability: With a wide variety of support for various ankles and watts, our lights are suitable for all kinds of outdoor usages
  5. Total Water-Resistance: Passes international IP65 water-resistance tests, can be used underwater for more than 10,000 hours.